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ANDI Gas Blending Program

Gas blending, and especially when handling pure oxygen, is a very delicate matter.  Daily practice learns that many do not know how serious an oxygen reaction can be.  The lack of knowledge in safe handling of oxygen sometimes leads to serious accidents that could have been prevented very easily.  From the very beginning ANDI has followed the procedures that were common in the gas industry. The gas industry, with over 100 years of experience in handling oxygen, can give us reliable advise in handling the gases when blending our EAN and other mix gases.

Handling oxygen is never 100% safe, but doing it in the right way will provide maximum safety. Another important matter is the production of oxygen compatible air for making blends with pure oxygen, since not any compressed air can be used for this purpose. The compressor and the filters, breathing gas quality, design of the gas production system, compatibility of the used components, blending procedures etc. are important issues for the gas blender. Learning the many factors that can trigger an oxygen reaction will make you decide that there is no such thing as a “40% rule”. 
Many incidents worldwide showed clearly that also Enriched Air Nitrox has to be handled like pure oxygen to obtain maximum safety for both the gas blender and the user.


The ANDI Gas Blender Training is more then teaching the students how to do the math, which you can learn in 30 minutes. During this 3 day course, many important technical aspects related to the gases, are explained; the equipment and its construction materials, blending systems, compressors, booster pumps, filtration systems, production of oxygen compatible air, etc, etc.
This appears to be a valuable introduction for technicians into the world of Gas Blending and gas management, and to obtain maximum safety in handling oxygen and Oxygen Enriched Air. During the "hands on" training the students prepare SafeAir and Trimix mixtures.

Gasmanagent has always been a very important part of the ANDI system, considering the safety of the breathing gas as important as excellent diving skills.