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                How Good Is Your Gas?    
Most of you will, as a DAN member,  receive the DAN magazine Alert Diver.
In a previous edition you will  have read about the investigation on breathing gas quality .
It showed that in a large number of cases the quality of the breathing gas was far below the standards on CO, a gas that you really don’t want in your breathing gas for diving. There have been fatalities because of CO in breathing gas!
Bad maintenance on compressors  is one of the possible causes.
The daily practice in cylinder and equipment servicing proves that not only CO and, as a result, possibly also CO2  is a problem, but also other contaminations like oil is being found in valves, cylinders and blending equipment. 
The production of Oxygen Enriched Air has become popular all over the world since ANDI started promoting the application of SafeAir in 1987. For the production of EAN mixes standard breathing gas is not suitable. A much cleaner air is necessary for safety in the production. Looking at the ANDI Gas Standards that have become the world standard for Oxygen Compatible Air, you can see that the amounts of allowed contamination are smaller then for standard breathing air. ANDI has been promoting good gas management from the beginning in 1987 to meet high standards on breathing gas. 

The ANDI Gas Blender Course was designed to provide proper information and training to achieve this. Gas Blending is more then learning a formula to calculate for the blend.

To be able to check for these small amounts the usual test as done with test-tubes is far too inaccurate to determine these small amounts. A laboratory test is the only way to have an accurate report on this.
Sometimes the dive centres are forced by law to have an air check done quarterly. The DAN article shows that a quarterly test is no luxury and should be done in a proper way.  ANDI has always promoted a quarterly laboratory gas test for more safety. The quality of the breathing gas is the responsibility of the dive centre that sells the gas. ANDI can help her facilities to have this test done in a proper and affordable way. Ask your RHQ for more information. 

                                ANDI recommends  Trace Analytics   for adequate gas analysis. 




Ask your RHQ to inform you about the special ANDI Pack